Medical Clinic Handyman – ClinicRX

Does your busy medical clinic have any fixes or installations that need attention? Unless a staff member or the doctor is handy, you may be stuck trying to figure out who to call. Let me help with your questions. Click the orange button below and I will itemize a time and cost estimate for the work that needs to be done. My average request is for 5-6 items, that can often be completed in 4-6 hours.

Medical Clinic Handyman - ClinicRX

Medical Clinic Handyman Service includes:

Patient Record Storage Racking | Fire Extinguishers | Door Chimes | Eye Wash Stations | Furniture Assembly | Equipment Assembly | Motion Controlled Exterior Lights | Pharma Cabinet Locks | Hand Towel Dispensers | Safety Grab Bars | TV Wall Mounts | Soap Dispensers | Signage | Shelving | Storage Cabinet Assembly | Wall Mount Diagnostic Systems | Plexi Panel Wall Protection | IV Wall Mounts | Glove Dispensers… ALL in addition to my regular Services HERE specializes in Medical Clinic repairs and installations. After-hours and weekend calls are available to avoid congested hours or patient disruption.