Dear Customer...

Because of the current situation, many suppliers are not open for walk-in business, and offer pre-order curbside service only. This means that unless you have all products and hardware available for your job on site, any additional materials have to be ordered, and will necessitate a repeat service call, and extra charges. I have a limited supply of hardware for a variety of jobs - but you must check with me first. If you are uncertain, then it may be best to schedule your service for when the restrictions are lifted, likely the 2nd week of May.

I have received my first vaccination, and will be getting the second in July.

If you want to get on the list for service, please visit the CONTACT page from the menu above.

Thank-you and stay safe!

Miscellaneous: stuck or binding doors | loose or broken cabinet hinges | collapsed shelving | bi-fold door repair | loose or hanging air register | sliding door adjust | pneumatic door closers | window/door screen |


Indoor > furniture  – any manufacturer (especially IKEA) | cabinets
Outdoor > patio furniture | heater | fire pit/table
barbecue | articulated umbrella | pergola
basketball net – freestanding or mounted | garage storage racks


baseboard | shoe mold or door stop
window & door casing | quarter round
garage 2×4 & plywood shelving
closet shelving


plugs | interior/exterior lights
high plug for TV mount
switches 2/3 way | dimmers | address numbers
stove fan replacement – with existing electrical & venting


faucets | sinks | vanities | shut-off valves | garage / outside faucet replacement
laundry tubs | shower head | toilet fill valves & flapper replacement
installation of replacement faucet cartridges – where provided by customer  – MOEN, Delta, Pfister, etc.

>>> Toilet replacement no longer available <<<

Installation & Mounting
cabinets  | vanity | window blinds | curtain rods | towel bar | toilet paper roll  | bathtub/shower grab bars | basement railing  | fire alarm | TV mounting brackets | regular shelving | floating shelves | closet shelf / clothes rod | furnace filter | heavy mirrors | pictures | collages | clocks | door knob | dead-bolt | window screen | tire rack | child gate
Doors (interior)- Fast-Fit, Pre-Hung, Hollow slab or Bi-fold. Solid, custom or external doors not offered.


Interior Caulking
bathroom – tub shower
floor transitions


Small drywall repair

walls only


Ceiling repair no longer available