Understanding why your Renovation Contractor avoids Handy-Man work.

  • Posted on: December 19, 2013
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argh_call_a_handymanFinding it difficult to locate a contractor who will quote on the minor repairs to your home? Their overhead on vehicles, fuel, storage, tools and manpower dictates finding jobs that are larger in scope to cover these expenses.  Like any business, if the job won’t justify their cost to send crew and vehicle, they’ll likely decline your request.

There’s a phenomenon that occurs during a renovation, and is despised by smaller contractors. It usually starts when the client says “while you are here, can you just…?” What is the client asking for? Usually Handy Man or repair type work. The contractor, trying to stay on budget, is reluctant to bill for the extras. When his bottom line is affected because he didn’t itemize extra requests on the final invoice (items not in the original estimate), he resents doing the extra work.

What makes a Handy Man different from a renovation contractor? Simple – he’s billing for the hours spent at your home. Your request for extras isn’t a problem because he doesn’t need to re-itemize the estimate for you. All additional materials and time are added to the final invoice. In the Job Description presented with your Estimate, you will find the hourly rate. Simply consider how long it will take to perform your additional requests to determine how it will affect your final invoice.

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