Handyman Rates in the GTA

  • Posted on: May 2, 2016
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Handyman rates

While researching what other companies charged for their Handyman rates, I already had a price in mind for my service. When I found the range ran from $85 to $100+ per hour, I realized I was under pricing myself. A skilled laborer working in home renovation or the building trade earns anywhere from $25-30 per hour on average. When you hire a “Handyman” from any of the better known services, their employees actually earn about the same, with the company keeping the difference. If you are looking to pay that amount because you once paid a kid the same to remove some trash, rake some leaves, paint the fence etc., then you’re not comparing apples to apples. A Handyman with enough experience to understand the problem, recognize a solution, and apply the correct materials and craftsmanship to complete the job right, is not found at that price. If you do find him, try again in a year to see if he’s still in business! YES, there are some older gents who have retired and like to putter – if you find one, hold on for dear life. I’ve heard from folks who “used to have a guy like that”… and now they’re calling me.

What appears to be a few simple jobs requires a carload of tools to complete, it still amazes me. Without the correct tools, the quality will suffer on the final product. Your Handyman has an investment in tools for multiple trades. I have ten different power saws at last count! When you hear the hourly rate, don’t automatically start computing an 8 hour day, and 40 hour work week. Average service calls last 3-5 hours, and if you have a job that requires an 8 hour day or several, you’re likely going to get a price on the job instead.

So like Ron Popeil says: “You won’t pay $105 or $95 orĀ  $85….not $75 or even $70 an hour…..But Wait ! You also get…..

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