Toilet Repair

  • Posted on: September 30, 2019
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Service time: 60-120 minutes

I get a lot of requests for toilet repair – although this is work I do not pursue.
Because there are only two mechanical functions inside the toilet tank, let’s break-down your options here.

  • Fill Valve assembly symptoms:

1 – Toilet Runs Constantly
2 – It Takes a Long Time For the Tank to Refill
3 – Toilet makes a squealing noise while refilling

…then to problem “might” be the fill valve assembly. Depending on the toilet make, it is usually not too difficult to replace the fill valve with a universal replacement found locally, or purchased prior to your service call.

  • Flush Valve assembly symptoms:

1- Random filling sound, sometimes followed by a ‘BANG’

…the culprit is likely the flapper – the ‘valve’ of the flush valve assembly. Replacing the flapper is pretty easy, but it’s never a certain fix. Sometimes it’s just better to replace the whole flush valve assembly rather than constantly chase phantom problems with the flapper. OK – so here’s the problem with that, and why I’m likely not going to offer you the service. If you would like to DIY, then there’s lots of YouTube video to show you how. The reason I’m not offering it, is that it will be pretty close to the cost of installing a new toilet. Breaking it down – 1) drain water and remove tank 2) remove flush valve assembly 3) take assembly to store and find replacement 4) purchase replacement and tank to bowl bolt kit 5) re-assemble and test everything. With parts & labor, this is not a good choice to consider for an old, and possibly ready-to-replace toilet.

Even a spec of dirt or calcium on the flapper will break the seal and be enough for the tank to constantly leak, and in turn, keep running the water intermittantly. The chain on the flapper may be too short or get twisted up, and be holding the flapper slightly open. I can check or replace the flapper, and check the chain function. What I won’t do is recommend a new flush valve assembly on an old or high water usage toilet – you’re better off buying a new toilet altogether.

All this of course pertains to standard two-piece toilets. Single piece toilets, or toilets with a double flush system are best serviced by a licensed plumber. offers quality Handyman Service in Markham, North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Stouffville, Uxbridge, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby.